Thursday, 6 November 2008

English language for all

English language is an international no drought about it.
our Bangladesh is a undeveloped country .
Most of the people staying the under poverty limit.
Today I will tell that what the reason work behind that.
First of all I have point out that our education system is not good
Because our education is bangle biased it’s not that I have problem with bangle.
World is growing first today first world’s country is thinking about globalization.
We have to know that what is the principal of globalization they say whole world’s language have to be one it’s English.
There are a lot of language whole over the world some people talk in Korean, some people talk in Hindi, some people talk in but who people are the founder of globalization they are not habituated in other language.
We have to go ahead with the globalization that is why we have to learn English too.
What ever leave it now I am coming to the point.
Why our situation like that.
Most of you teacher are not expert in teaching .
The always say that proposition always stand on first of noune.
But they never say that what the preposition what is the necessity of preposition.
Like when we say English that is like that (over phone) but it’s bangle meaning is (phone a ) .( a’s meaning is over)
But they can’t explain it.
Most of our village’s people and student can’t understand the point.
For that reason they try to read whole cow essay.
But it’s not a proper way to learn English writer only write essay for find out point.Not for read